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After a long night in nature the party basked in the glow of the fire. Yes, they would go eastwards today, towards the capital. The lumberjack, who helped the adventurers out of an unfortunate situation yesterday and led them to this hidden spot, cleared his throat. "In the name of my son I would like to ask you a favor", he started, "a delicate issue...". "Well", one in the party uttered, "tell us your story! What is the name of your son?"

Yes, hmmm, what was his name again? :-)

As an inspiration for busy roleplaying game masters, as a little cheering up in between, or even if your offspring is still nameless and looks like an orc, we brought the Fantasy Names Generator into being.

This service is for everyone interested in roleplaying (Dungeons and Dragons, D20, The Dark Eye, Lord of the Rings Middle-earth Role-playing), playing MMORPGs on the computer like World of Warcraft, Warhammer Age of Reckoning, Everquest, or Age of Conan, authors of science fiction stories, Manga or Anime artists, or who is looking for an unusual nickname for a forum, an avatar, a newsgroup or the IRC Chat.

Please send your questions, suggestions, requests, and complaints to: Contact-Email

We hope the Fantasy Names Generator is useful and enjoyable!
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